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KHATUSHYAM AAYURVEDA PRODUCT & SALES PVT.LTD, was incepted in the year 2019 in Madhya Pradesh with a view to become one of the India’s largest teleshopping company.

Our Vision

To attain preferred teleshopping company status by providing reliable and quality managed products and services To be renowned as one of the top 5 teleshopping company across the globe.

KHATUSHYAM AAYURVEDA PRODUCT & SALES PVT.LTD has two head offices to monitor the activities in India. First head office is located in Indore from where we execute and monitor our activities in entire northern India and the other office is in Hyderabad to execute and monitor the southern region of India

About tele shopping

The basic concept of telemarketing is “you should be offering what is not available in the retail market”. With the growing popularity of satellite and cable television in the late 1990s, changes in lifestyle and a general improvement in the standard of living, teleshopping picked up momentum. By 2001, the total teleshopping network business in the world amounted to over $ 5 billion. But in developing country like India it took almost 20-25 yrs for teleshopping industry to establish strong footholds as we know in early 1990’s the purchasing power in our country was very low and touch and feel factor was very prevalent. But today changing lifestyle of Indians, increasing women employment ,rising disposable income, nuclear..

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INFORMECIAL is a general term used worldwide use which refers to a television commercial (paid programming) that offers product for direct sale to consumer via response through the web, by phone, or by mail. Tele-shopping comprises both dedicated television channels and slots on channels of different genres spanning entertainment, news etc. It is estimated that of the total 220 million households in India, 130 million have cable or direct to home (DTH) TV connection. The dedicated home shopping channels account for about Rs 700 crore of the total chunk of Rs 2,200 crore. Thus understanding the importance of media TELEPLUS has the infomercials’ running on various topmost nationalised as well as regional channels to reach out vast diversified population across Asia. We have a dedicated media team to track the infomercials’ to ensure timings and quality of our movie. We own media worth 65 million and our infomercial is aired on..

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Our team

KHATUSHYAM AAYURVEDA PRODUCT & SALES PVT.LTD has a well trained and dedicated team of individuals experts in their
domain. The entire workforce is divided into different departments depending on
their role-


Distribution network

KHATUSHYAM AAYURVEDA PRODUCT & SALES PVT.LTD. has strong distribution network of about 70 dealers to reach nook and corner of the country and ensure delivery within seven days. we have a dedicated team to assist and support the dealers and also we have installed CRM to increase the delivery ratio by enhancing the quality of calls received i.e. reducing the possibility of fake calls. we offer immense business opportunities to our dealers by thus ensuring that our sales team help them clear their stock with more than 60% delivery ratio and also our huge media buying capacity ensures the reach to vast customers out. Also we provide in-depth product knowledge and training to our dealers about customer handling, software usage to ensure that the dealer working with us gain through our business and sense the satisfaction working with us. We have very easy process to become dealer with us any individual interested can fill in online query form and the request will be forwarded to our marketing department who will get in touch and than will do analysis based on the following criteria-

Eligibility to become dealer

  • KHATUSHYAM AAYURVEDA PRODUCT & SALES PVT.LTD appoints distributor in its territory, analyzing the region in terms of size and number of orders, on the basis of which the investment is decided.
  • Person opting to become a dealer is expected to invest the particular amount determined and is given the stock worth that investment.
  • Dealer is expected to hold good geographical knowledge of the region for which he is appointed and should have an office premises in that region.
  • The decided area should be having a maximum of 50 km radius with 3-4 delivery boys, so as to ensure the proper functioning without any delivery problems.
  • To become a dealer, an investment is made to the company by placing order for the goods after making an advance payment and signing the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Dealer should at least maintain 15 days of inventory at any given time to ensure the proper functioning and in-time delivery of products.